Be careful ladies, you can seduce a man without ever attracting him… Set standards for yourself, and don’t go against your morals to try to keep a guy.

You have to study men when they’re trying get to your heart. You’ve got to know what they’re coming around for, and if they’re just playing a part. As for the guys, all the sweet things that you did to get her, you’ve got to do to keep her. Don’t fall off, just because you got what you came for. Keep loving her, and she’ll love you even more. Ladies, quit giving it up before you get his heart. If he isn’t in love, what other reason does he have to keep coming around  when he already got what he initially came for? If he can get it from you that quick, he’s thinking damn, that was easy. Yes girl! Now you’re easy. At this point he has lost a great level of respect for you, because you didn’t respect yourself. You had potential to him, until you opened  your legs so quick; and then you got the nerve to wonder where he’s been and why he only comes around when he wants to hit it? You might be the girl that he goes to when he’s in the mood, but you won’t be the chick that gets to meet the family too. Trust me, he might not admit it but he likes the chase, that way he knows not a lot of men have been around your way. They try to pull on you and convince you but you still don’t let them in, that’s the type of girl that the good man is wanting. A big turn off for guys is a girl who isn’t strong enough to say no. Ladies listen to me; don’t expect a man to respect you if you aren’t going to take the proper steps to respect yourself. You can seduce a man without ever attracting him. And when you give it up quick that’s just what you’re doing, and that’s not appealing to a man’s heart.  And of course he’s going try to get it, but tell him straight up, “Boy please, I ain’t easy.” And a good man will respect you for that.  Set standards for yourself, and don’t go against your morals to try to keep a guy. Never forget that a man who won’t wait is too impatient to keep for the long run. I’ve heard guys say over and over again, “Hell nah, I aint serious about her, I just keep her around for when I want to get some.” and I’ve also heard guys say. “Nah she’s a good girl though, I been trying to get at her for months now, but she aint easy like the rest of the girls out here. That’s my type of chick.” Seriously girls, the better of a person you become the better of person you’ll attract. So set some standards and stick by them.

Set some standards…


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