It was 2010, the day they met again, and their two roads met at the same dead end.

Tip 659:

If you have somebody—wait scratch that, WHEN you have somebody in your life, that you’ve clearly had a falling out with, broken ties with, in some way let go of because it was best for you, and they are consistently trying to make their way back in your life, or even if they’ve busted in your life in some negative way– DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR. Those of you that are getting hit up by these people, just block them, don’t respond, and don’t answer the call, whatever it may be. I mean you really DON’T have to talk to them anymore. Some people can’t find that realistic, and those are the very people that have been in the same position for several years, simply moving in place. A lot of people are okay to stay friends with, but there is a certain type of person, once they’ve played a certain type of role— they’ll never be more than a weight pulling on you while you’re moving forward. There’s not like a social rule that says you HAVE to keep open ties with everybody who’s once played a significant role in your life. You really don’t, a lot of people don’t allow themselves the simplicity of walking away. But I PROMISE you; you will spare yourself heaps of drama and nonsense if you can reject and keep it moving. I GUARENTEE you, people like that are not your stepping stones to getting your shit done and getting to where you’re trying to go. PLEASE stop feeling like you SHOULD be super nice and super accepting to the people that seem to piss you off… every time they talk to you. There are more important and significant things to worry about and put your energy into. This is a habit that eventually has to be broken, or else you will trap yourself, and find that you stress yourself out so much on bullshit that your TAKING, to the point that your too exhausted from that to be mentally engaged in the things that could actually get you somewhere in life, you allow so many negative people to play a role in your life, to the point that you can rarely take a positive step forward for yourself. So quit trying to live your life and BUILD your life AROUND one with those type of people in it, DO YOU—and I promise you, the right people will fall in place and fill your life with beautiful friendships and journeys. But in order to ever get to that point, you have to be content just doing you. It’s vital to understand that sometimes you lose people to gain yourself, and your strongest point is when you have no one else. You have like 97% control over what people are in your life, so just bump out the ones that come with repeated unnecessary bullshit. —and in that statement alone, I’m saying this because once upon a time I would allow people with a lot of nonsense to come in and out my life over and over again, but God bad common sense ring my bell and change the direction of that situation. This happened time and time again, and eventually I got the hang out of walking away. Since that time I haven’t turned back to neither embrace those people nor accept them into the life that I have going on now. Not only was it about moving on, I also wasn’t that same person I was back then, I was a much weaker individual back then. The fact of the matter is, anybody can recognize that weakness and change it, it can as simple as you make it or as complicated as you make it. Those people I broke away from, meant a lot to me, but I minimized that in my mind in order to move on, and now, their value in my life is no longer relevant.  For the rest of your life, you’ll always have people waltzing in and around your life with bullshit, but the way you react and the way you handle it, is the #1 deciding factor on what effect it has on you and the direction of your life. I see too many people who simply do not understand that those very situations and people can alter the direction of their life, and if you alter that enough, you’ll find yourself on a completely different path, and completely puzzled at how you got there. It can be a big, heart wrenching, sometimes anger filled, even an emotional thing, or it can be very simple and you take it with a very direct understanding. I know so many people who are SO MUCH better and advanced than the people and the bullshit that they steady keep in their life. And every person in the world may realize that, but unless the person understands that themselves and boldly breaks away from it, they’ll be constantly keeping themselves from their full potential, and the amazing life they could really have. I know many people who have a diamond in their hand, yet they’ll have their mind and heart set on a damn rhinestone, and TOSS that diamond for the love of a rhinestone, all as a result of the fact that they never grasped the concept of letting go when God clearly presented their life with the opportunity to do so. You’ll be amazed at the freedom you’ll experience once you take control on these things.

It was 2010, the day they…

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