I found my soul; I found my voice. I found that with everything I have a choice.

I used to think that perfect life had past me by, and so I cried. And I used to think I gave up too soon, I should have tried. But somehow the mirror ain’t so foggy now, I’m living proud.  I found my heart; I found the hope. I found the strength, when you let me grow. I found my soul; I found my voice. I found that with everything I have a choice. I had to find myself, but at the time you didn’t know. But I want to thank you, for letting me do what I have do, to get me where I want to be. You couldn’t tell what I was doing then, but you see it now. I didn’t have a plan, but I had a thought. I had to find my own way to my heart. I found that you can’t be taught everything; sometimes experience is the better way. And then God gives you a second chance, you’re at the same spot again, but this time it won’t have the same kind of end, because you’ve been through it. I’m better than yesterday, and the day before that. I’m one step closer to the woman I want to be, I hope you’re proud of me. I feel so free, because life aint getting the best of me; I’m on top of things. I found a way; a found a chance. I found the strength to get up again. I found the sass, to say my half. Don’t interrupt, when I’m talking back. I found the perfect time to say what’s been on my mind. I’m back on my grind to get back what was always mine. Bad days come and go, but they don’t stick around unless you give them too much attention and make them grow. I’m putting that same energy into the good things, and now the blessings are following me. I’m thanking God, and finally, I’ve been set free.


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