Thank You


You blessed me in ways I couldn’t bless myself, gave me hope when I had no one else. You were the one I turned to when my world was crashing in. You told the truths that I needed to know yet, gave me the space I needed to learn it on my own. You saw potential in me, far past my flaws. I was too close to myself to see the best that you saw. I’m not the girl I pictured I would be, so much better because you’ve inspired me. You have a way shining a light into my dreams. I started wanting more for me, because you saw better things. I wasn’t living up to all I could be. I was settling, until you said to me, “You are the greatest girl. You have all the potential, you could have this world.” You said there isn’t a single thing that’s too great for me. If I want it I should make it mine. I’ve paid my dues, I’ve took my time. If it weren’t for you, would I still be the same me?  Would I be stuck in the past, instead of making more of me? I thought I had it all, there wasn’t nothing somebody could give me that I couldn’t give myself. But that was a foolish thought; you’ve touched my dreams in ways I’ve never felt. You’re the best friend I’ve known, you had my respect since the day you inspired my soul. I want to say thank you for taking the time to show me what I now know.



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