He knows his children well and even instilled in them, the precise levels of courage and vulnerability that it takes to fall to their knees.

There’s no greater love that hugs your sensitivity and caresses your fears with hope and belief that there is more to life than what you’ve seen. There are sweet whispers that stay in our minds through the next complication that stumps us; those very reminisces of counsel are what carries us through. Even with the advice of friends, family and ageless wisdom, the voice of God surpasses it all giving enlightenment that’s so trusting, that it leaves no room for doubt. Without that unconditional love, we’d be defenseless; one would be downright foolish to let others convince them that there is a love that could top that. He was there as hearts were broken, and even stood by when lovers chose appealing lies over the retched truths that He whispered diligently in their ears. He makes situations right even after we stand firm by what’s wrong, and that’s a love that only He can continue to give, without regretting the act of kindness. At the wake of every morning, and the fade to every dim illusion, there’s an ounce of desire for more than what we’ve experienced and there’s a God that can take us there. This love should be remembered most in midst of times that begin with ‘why’. He gave life and showed with passion how to build love. He made it last and grow to be so enduring. God gave examples in history of how to accomplish goals with perseverance and determination, even biblical references for withstanding trials beyond what we will face. He reads our hearts the way we desire lovers to, places people in our lives so we won’t have to travel the seas and search the lands for people that will fit us. Life is full of twisted uncertainties and chaotic rearrangements and it almost never goes in order with all the daydreams that dance in our thoughts with the excellence we imagine. Underneath it all, like a backbone, everyday there seems to be a laugh thrown in somewhere and anytime there’s a need to run, God is patiently waiting for a prayer from the child that He designed in what He sees as perfection. He knows his children well and even instilled in them, the precise levels of courage and vulnerability that it takes to fall to their knees. It’s admirable the way the Lord desires us with such patience. He yearns for that love from His child and is always so delicate with the tender heart that reaches out. That love is so withstanding, and it’s beyond me how a love that suburb can endlessly exist, but that’s all it takes to keep His children coming back for more and that’s enough to see the beauty in it all.

-God Bless

God’s Love

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