No one can diminish you if you stay true to the roots of who you are.

No man or woman can destroy the pieces of you that have carried you this far, to the very place and mindset that has you reaching for something better.  With  all of the burdens we withstand and the troubling encounters we have that leave us feeling broken, the elements of who we are remains. These are the treasures that God places inside of us. No tribulation, no outcome, no heartache, no failure, friend, no enemy, no man, no woman, no ONE can steal this, it’s forever yours, forever the strength you’ve always had. No man or woman can steal your voice, so don’t allow another person’s doubt or conception of you silence the belief that you have in yourself and the things you want to achieve. There is a beauty inside of us all, for some this has yet to be discovered. Find your elements and the values that make you proud of who you are and where you are going and never stop referring back to that small voice that whispers your hearts deepest desires. These keys remind us of what we call home, our deepest desires that have yet to come to light, who we cherish and exactly what we are put in this Earth to do. We’re all equipped with an inner beauty and voice, don’t burry that in your troubles, allow yourself the freedom and choice to move ahead of where you are and become the best vision of yourself. I truly believe that more than obstacles, a weak and vague mindset will keep you bound underneath your potential. If you can overcome those doubts and fears, than there are no limits to what you can do and just how great you can become. You can prevail past your uncertaninties and downfalls, that is if you believe in yourself and allow faith to carry you through. If your heart reaches an epiphany, allow that to liberate you and guide you to the next big step in your journey. Never give up and never stop remembering the strength that’s always carried you through.

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