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She’s Love’s Fool and She Knows It


Sometimes I play the fool, but I still know the truth deep inside, so it’s alright. Right? But this time it’s as dangerous as a crook in the night. In fact, it’s even more wrong to think that you yourself are right. I’m blinding myself, if I keep it up I might lose my own sight. I can tell something ain’t right, it’s not just a vibe, because when I was up against myself, I chose your side. But why? I’ve done this a thousand times and I never saw the wrong, it never disturbed my pride. Until now, that I see all I’ve kept bottled inside, and the resentment that has grown from the times you shut me down when I spoke my mind. Why is it that you have more power over my mind than I have over mine? How come you can walk in and change my preference just by influence over time? Why are you so damn great to me that I’ve become an idiot to the simple things? How could you call it love when you show no remorse for making me cry, you didn’t even care to make sure I was alright. But trust me, beloved lover, one day you’ll get yours and likewise I’ll get mine. It may take months or years to claim that prize, but I’ll be fine. How do I love you yet have a burning desire to see something unclaimed about you just diminish slowly over time. One day I’ll grow the nerve to walk away and let you reap what you deserve. I’ll wash away every piece of you that remains and I’ll remember you most for your selfish ways. One day all of this crooked love and shattered faith will change, and once I set your fake ass love to flames, maybe then I’ll be okay.

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