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The Blessing Beneath the Dress

He’s my storm, somehow a beautiful one. Though it began too good to be true, and we were caught up in a love bloom, Now some days it’s blue and absolute destruction …but up to this moment, it’s the climax of who I’ve become. My life changed entirely, my hopes have shifted to a whole other side of me.  And all my hopes and dreams have raised to a pedal stool way higher than they were before. Determination intensifies and I carry the fire in my eyes, damning any voice inside that whispers fatal lies. Every now and then the fear starts to rise making me wonder if I desire too much compared to what reality will match for my life. I was on the right track every dream was in tact so I can’t help but to feel a bit set back. So every night I pray for the strength to keep my head held high and look far past any doubt in the sky. Inside of me a miracle is patiently waiting to arrive and I vow to give my life for the purpose of protecting and guiding this new light. A tear drops at the thought of harm coming your way. But I know I can’t hold you so tight that I push you to go astray. I’ve loved you from the very first day and even before it was confirmed I knew something inside of me had changed. I would give anything to hold you right now, just to look into your eyes and know that you’re alright. I wonder what you’ll look like and I try to guess your sound, I’m so anxious for the day that I can bring my self manifested angel baby home and lay her down. Your father loves you more than he can come to express and his high hopes are focused on a babyboy growing beneath this dress. I love that man to a new extent, I’ve been experiencing a love that I can’t quite express. I pray we make it through the stress and with a happy family you’ll be blessed. Babydoll its only 4 months in but just know from now until forever, mommy and daddy will give their life for you and with everyday we give our absolute best. I’ll love you whole heartedly and with any ounce of my soul that’s left. You’re my sweet escape and beloved angel, I’ll wait patiently for the day I can hear your first breath. From now until forever, this woman, your mother, will be eternally blessed.

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The Essence of a Woman’s Love

The voice and mind of a woman is superb and powerful. Let’s not bury it with an aggravated attempt at a man’s conscious. I used to try to “act like a lady and think like a man” but I realized that thinking like a man is just a waste of a woman. It’s wiser and much more beneficial to study a man’s behavior and communicate to find his true desires and love him with the fruits of his hearts confessions. To love a man and receive the best of his love in return takes a deeper approach than mimicking his mindset. Don’t rob a man of the love that’s rooted from a woman’s essence. Don’t try to adopt his demeanor, let a man be the man, find the voice of your womanhood and play your phenomenal role as a woman. Speak your mind after learning his. Give him the space he desires in order to have a clear head, and be patient while loving him. In this, the love that he’s always wanted will be revealed through you. Sacrifice the selfish ways that bring out that desperate lover and love him the way he wants to be loved, because at the end of it all thats what women want as well. Give him that same respect you demand and you’ll discover a man that is proud and anxious to love you with the best of who he is and every ounce of passion that he has to offer. That’s what we’ve wanted so bad for so long, and it’s not impossible to find, but half the search is within the love we possess and put forth.  So love him in a way that he’s shown will work, in a way in which neither heart is left in the dirt and he’ll love you in return for all that you’re worth.

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Her Single Declaration

I’m a lover at heart, and I always will be. I’ll always know that being in a strong loving relationship truly keeps me warm at night. With that said, I keep thinking of this single life as a part time job I’ll have to work in order to get me to where I want to be. But maybe it’s something I must own, a situation I need to live through and complete before I’ll ever be ready to believe in love with such a giving heart as I once did. I don’t want to rush into emotions thinking I got lucky when truthfully I’m embracing something that is helping me to avoid the dreadful period of ‘no significant other’. I’ve always been in relationships, but suddenly I’ve been taken by a storm that caused me to require an emotional separation from love in that sense.

I gave everything that a woman could possibly give of herself and when you do that and it still doesn’t measure up to forever, it has a way of fucking shit up in your heart and hopes, and in your mind as well. You start to questions things, people, and intentions; everything becomes suspect to possibly bringing you pain again. When you believe in something or someone so much and then reality hits that your fairytale was just as distorted and downhill as the next persons, you start to see that sometimes even the best love story’s have their endings.  What the hell happened to the love I used to brag about? I took so much pride in that relationship truly thinking it was better than anyone else’s.  You look back and see the definition of what you called love. You start to remember the gut feelings that haunted you, but even more you recall sweeping them aside with high hopes and wishful thinking.

Let’s face it, we can all fall victim to heartbreak, we put our trust and understanding in the hands of another imperfect human. Half the time we’re unaware of what their internal battles are therefore often times there’s a lot that we don’t see ourselves getting into. But that’s life and you need love to live a full one. Rest assured that eventually you’ll heal and  you’ll take that risk again one day because you’d rather put your heart on the edge knowing the cost you could pay because love is worth that sacred chance. That’s harder to imagine than it is to say, but I truly believe that one day I and every other single man or woman I know will feel that way. For every heart that’s born, there’s another heart for it to live happily and confidently with. That’s something beautiful to look towards, and you know it’s out there, even when the depressed broken heart tells you otherwise.

For now, you must do the necessary and carry on. Carry yourself to the brightest future you can imagine, be successful and light the path to the destiny you’ve always dreamed of. Take this chance to paint your future out just how you want it without the concern of fitting someone else’s lifestyle as well. BE SINGLE AND OWN IT TO THE FULLEST. Love will make its way back around when the time is undeniably right, and the heart has drastically healed. You’ll be a better person by that time, and you’ll have a lot more love to give. For now, be your own special someone, and be true to yourself. Above everything, follow your heart, trust your voice and go forth with your life knowing that God is working it all out for you. You no longer have to look for Mr. or Ms. Right, just embrace people for who they are and enjoy them without looking for a lasting love in their eyes. Focus on your bright future, let your heart be the driving force inside of you and do it for the first time like you’ve never done it before. Be bold and claim the passions you have for life outside of romance. Believe it or not there’s more that drives you than just the heart of a hopeless romantic with a head full of fairytales. There’s more that you have to offer this world, more that you have to offer yourself, so do your soul searching and find that other beautiful person you’ve forgotten about for so long now, DO YOU!

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Know what company is good for you and not good enough for you. Quit letting anything and anybody enter your life.

I love the feeling of being free. You know, when you finally find something that makes you say screw it to all the things that are bothering you or weighing you down. Every now and then we find that type of escape, and its sooo amazing to feel that power over your struggles; the kind that minimizes them and maximizes your spirit. And for a moment you discover the hero in yourself, the one that God secrectly slipped inside of you when you needed it the most. There’s nothing like the strength of a woman, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a young woman or man realizing their strength and taking control over her life.  I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our lives outside of our solitude-pleasing other people, suiting others needs, meeting other peoples expectations, and on top of that exceeding them, if you like to be over the top… that we lose sight of what makes us as induviduals happy, what makes you proud of you?

There comes a time in your life when you got to be mentally engaged in yourself and do whats best for you and what makes you happy. For me, it means relaxing, and allowing the dreamer of a girl in my head play out her deepest desires in life. It’s like a strong feeling of peace. Other times it means me talking to someone I look up to and care deeply about, you’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you can gain from the conversation of wiser person. Sometimes its something as simple as watching a best friend get older, grow, and become the person they were meant to be. Find that kind of beauty in life, even in another person. You should try it, it makes you proud of the company you keep. This is all about wisdom, and being wise is a CHOICE. Wisdom doesn’t soley come with age, im talking about that deep knowledge that takes an effort and sometimes a struggle in order to find. Overall, I’m saying that getting to know yourself will teach you a lot about the world, things that something as simple as a series of birthdays can’t bring.

And all this violence on CNN has got to stop! Young people, MY people, quit making a fuss and fight over every little dispute. Learn to walk away from drama and live your life above it. All this back and forth shit is STUPID. Don’t yall know that revenge only cheapens what you’ve been through. It’s lame and shows that you’re caught up and a product of messy ways. Just walk away and let God deal with it, or as others would say, let karma finish it out for you. Trust me, it hits your opponent harder than you ever could.

Here’s some tips about getting along in this world. It’s about being the best that you can be and living a respectful life. Respect yourself, and respect those who how you that they respect themselves as well. And everyone needs to realize that repect isn’t given, it’s gained. You can’t walk around looking crazy, always acting like a asshole or unladylike, and being out of line and expect people to recognize the best that’s in you. It just doesn’t happen like that. You want people to respect you? Respect yourself. You want people to think highly of you? Do the things that are worth admiring. Be sweet, be brave, be confident, yet modest, speak up for whatever it is you believe in–regardless if you’re the only one with that opinion. Be kind but stand your ground, take a chance and be a “go getter”; I admire every person that’s achieved their goals in life, success is beautiful. Will everybody appriciate these things in you? No, but the people that are worth it will; the good people in life.

Balance your time and associations. Cherish your friends because you’ll only find a few best ones in life. Spend time with your family while your blessed with that time. If you have a partner in life, love, trust, and embrace them. Allow them to love you more than you have ever felt and make them too feel like they are the most amazing thing in the world. Take a break on this whole ‘tough love’ approach and embrace love for what’s it’s meant for. It’s suppose to be lovey dovey and  intimant, be proud to have that. If that’s your man or woman, don’t be ashamed to be ‘whooped’ over them, you shoud be proud to be the one they chose apart from the rest. You should love them for seeing your worth that other people didn’t appreciate. Quit looking at falling in love as a weakness; the only time it isn’t good is when it isn’t DOING you any good. Love someone worth your time, patience, trust, and admiration. If you’re significant other isn’t measuring up and isn’t right for you, it’s okay, do yourself a favor and let it go and keep it moving. Learn to be happy and successful by yourself and with yourself, trust indepence and a love for life is attractive to everyone.  Lean on your friends, family and lovers when you’re weak, let them know what they mean to you; these are your angels in life, they’re on your side and looking out for your best interest. Let them grow without being afraid of losing them, allow them the space to move far in life, that’s love. Don’t allow petty things to knock these relationships because the devil comes in all shapes and forms to hurt your life and your happiness.

Also, failures are only temporary, don’t let trials that stump you along the way keep you down. If you find that you’re disappointed in yourself for whatever reason, then change what you do not like, improve the parts of yourself that you see need enrichment. This is the act of growing. Sometimes it takes realizing that what you are is not what you planned, and who you are is not who you like. That’s fine, that’s the beginning of taking on a new merge, and you become something greater than you’ve been and sometimes ever were. But quit putting yourselves down, nobody is going to grasp the concept of your essence, the beauty in you if you tell them and yourself that you’re not worth shit. There will be enough people going against you through your struggle, don’t volunteer yourself as an additional opponent. Be on your side, know your worth and believe in yourself.

Think about everything you are, everything people love you for, you’re strengths, the things about you that set you apart from the rest. You’re an amazing person, that is if YOU think so. We’re only worth as much as we think we are. So if you think you’re not worth shit you’re probably not going to get shit. Likewise, if you think you deserve the world your dreams are twenty times more likely to come true, because you’ll make it happen. Be opinionated, and have a voice in what you do. You must know what you consider good and not good for your life. Know what company is good for you and not good enough for you. Quit letting anything and anybody enter your life. You can’t be everybody’s friend, and not everybody is going to like they see in you. In fact some people may love your qualities but decide to hate you for them because they feel they could never measure up to that. It’s sad, but you’ll find that in society this can be a harsh reality.  Be successful, go after whatever your heart desires. In fact, I can’t even focus or hold a solid peace of mind if I feel like I’m not moving forward in life. Some see it as a flaw but honestly I’m grateful because that focus sets me back on track anytime I start to fall off. Know what accomplishments are going to make you proud of the life you live. Set goals and know what’s not going to get you there and know that there’s some things in life that you’re gonna have to sacrifice in order to get to where it is you want to be. You may have to step out of some comfort zones, kick some bad habits, get serious and put the ‘fun life’ on hold for a little bit. You won’t be ready for the whole ’work hard play harder’ lifestyle until you have gotten down the ‘all work and no play’ lifestyle; that’s just how it is. It’s times like these that we realize who we are, we find those attributes about ourselves that favor us, the ones that make us great people. So we know who we are, we hold onto those things and stand by them everyday.  Hold close to that, because when you forget who you are, you forget who you wanted to be. It’s a key to getting far in anything you put your mind to. In conclusion, I truly believe that’s how you make it in the world.

Take Control…

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