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The Essence of a Woman’s Love

The voice and mind of a woman is superb and powerful. Let’s not bury it with an aggravated attempt at a man’s conscious. I used to try to “act like a lady and think like a man” but I realized that thinking like a man is just a waste of a woman. It’s wiser and much more beneficial to study a man’s behavior and communicate to find his true desires and love him with the fruits of his hearts confessions. To love a man and receive the best of his love in return takes a deeper approach than mimicking his mindset. Don’t rob a man of the love that’s rooted from a woman’s essence. Don’t try to adopt his demeanor, let a man be the man, find the voice of your womanhood and play your phenomenal role as a woman. Speak your mind after learning his. Give him the space he desires in order to have a clear head, and be patient while loving him. In this, the love that he’s always wanted will be revealed through you. Sacrifice the selfish ways that bring out that desperate lover and love him the way he wants to be loved, because at the end of it all thats what women want as well. Give him that same respect you demand and you’ll discover a man that is proud and anxious to love you with the best of who he is and every ounce of passion that he has to offer. That’s what we’ve wanted so bad for so long, and it’s not impossible to find, but half the search is within the love we possess and put forth.  So love him in a way that he’s shown will work, in a way in which neither heart is left in the dirt and he’ll love you in return for all that you’re worth.

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A Smoother Dream

For once I want to be free from all the things I’m supposed to be. Switch up my beat and flow to a smoother dream, one that won’t dissipate when I turn away. Just stay the same, keep alive that same dream, when I come back let’s fly that same plane; don’t switch your ways. And maybe he could follow me, blow a tree, passion in the base of my everything. So it lifts me and I speak to thee, pretty things, the purest secrets that are kept between you and me. He’s like a dream or a sweet escape from common company. I had no intentions on flying away or setting myself so free but now I’m soaring inevitably. He sets my fears on fire, tosses out my doubts with the proof that flows past the slick shit that comes from a gents mouth. He rains his affection all over me, speaking truths past the normal sweet nothings, he’s talking serious something’s. He leaves me in a daydream, even the night sings, waking up everyday smiling comfortably. I wouldn’t trade him, I just wanna cash my sins and say I’m all in. So come back to the place where I met you that day, it’ll take me bout an hour but I’m on my way. And when I get there, I hope you’re ready to feel the air, relax babe I’m back. I came and I left and to my surprise I came right back, simple as that. You make it is so easy to dive into an unknown land, and I’ve never sat down with this kind of man. Let’s just be, everything we take in and all the stars we witness and every kiss we lay in. I could leave, take break, do a separate thing, but it seems everyday I just wanna stay. I just wanna lay, I just wanna bathe in the truth of a soul in a whole new way.

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Accepting Happiness

Some chapters in life just end, the same way you never asked them to begin, and the happiness you find there after seems to be completely by chance. You say a prayer for God to take away the pain, and sometimes he takes away the joy, the sad, the madness, the hurt, the happiness…everything that went with what got you where you are. Sometimes it’s a lover who hurts you just as much as he makes you smile, other times it’s a friend who abandons you just as quick as he or she is there to console you when you cried. However, if God says it’s time to let them go, that’s what happens. The next thing you know you’re left empty handed. When you place those situations in God’s hands you have to be ready to let go, because God just might take away that person or thing entirely, but he’s doing it for your own growth and good. God has a way of giving you hope when you feel you’ve lost everything else. Life can bring you down so low to where you feel there’s no way you could pick yourself up and smile again, and even if you had a reason to, you wouldn’t want to because you’re so bent on the hurt that came your way and stole the best of you. You should accept the happiness, even if the joy seems undeserving. The same way we do nothing to deserve the bad things in life, we don’t always have to be deserving of the good. It’s called grace, and God is most graceful. Unlike people, God doesn’t say you have to deserve joy to receive it. Be grateful, and embrace the moments that come when you need them the most. You don’t always have to fight that smile when it’s trying to shine through. Sometimes you just have to put aside your pity and let yourself be happy.

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