‘Til the End of all Time

She was always willing to burn for whatever and whomever she loved. Passion was her greatest asset, and his love became her common drug.
Two hearts filled with passion when a man with flow found a promise in a poet he could love.
So starry nights flew by, they drank more than enough to feel flames so warm that it burned as they hugged and inside they always knew it was much more than the common case of a Beauty and a Thug.
And as those sips turned to chugs, changes would arise and they began to see a complication in the fairy tale of love at first sight.
What began as a good time with a new remarkable type would elevate quickly as his seed was sewn after so many nights of times he indulged in a wine that he liked to find between her thighs. He was bragging, “I got a wifey type!” as she was riding back home saying, “He’s the ride of a lifetime.”
And as a woman she began to change as another life grew inside, with her mind growing fast, he began to see a girl that he couldn’t recognize. That wild child, she faded from who she was when he met her, only trying to lose who she was in attempt to become somebody better. Still all the while they stayed together and fought through the challenges of change along with the struggles of a man that you’d discover if listen to his letters. And with pride set aside, it would take the sacrifice of a man and strength of a woman’s love, to overcome the adversity in a pair so rare that even astrology of love would warn of the battles these hearts would face if they chose to inner twine. Oh well, I fell in love at first sight and from day one, I was his and he was mine. So even with love alive inside, they came from two different worlds, thus being accustomed to two different visions brought about a challenge just to see eye to eye. She couldn’t make sense of who he was and likewise he was clueless when it came to understanding the ways of this new woman in his life. Still regardless, the passion and attraction was one they couldn’t shake and for that the love blossomed as she never left his side. The chemistry was never understood and from the outside looking in, the bond alone made no sense and seemed like it would take insanity to try. Her family believed, “Maybe that was her downfall, to want to challenge a man to challenge love too much. Knowing her, we know it’s a chance of possibility that it’s rested in her fate, to be madly in love with a challenge of the things most unlikely to accomplish like blessed curses from above, she’s the girl that wants to spark a difference in what can’t be changed.” As if those doubts weren’t enough, her own reflection spoke back and said, “I mean, He loves you a lot but his love is one too tough and in return your love is like that of a mother, and for this man its just too much.” Like ‘you’re too sweet and he’s just too tough.” From that, soon enough she learned doubts are contagious and can open doors as the devil puts his two cents in a convo that he wasn’t worthy of. So she booted out the devil just to over hear a wretched soul say, “They were never meant to be, too opposite to love, they just need to give it up.” So we speak on the supposed God of Fate; they say Shai sided with the diamonds departed in the sky as if to warn them both that in this constellation the stars will never align but Apolloepq chimed in and their love was blessed with the Goddess of music and poetry as she insisted thW10”.le artJ of love recognized in one another is stronger than the lightening that tries to strike them both from skies. So it seems Zues’ proclamations are proven wrong and he’s forced to forever kiss the ass of lovers as God sees the truth to the love in their eyes and he forever blesses a love that stays strong beyond hazy skies. And it’s no surprise that some couldn’t make sense as to why the love was so tight, but she never needed an approval for what felt right. And he knew, despite the one’s that doubted, he would make her his wife. They didn’t know his love for her would guide a private heart back to the woman she thought she lost inside and perhaps it was destiny for the good girl would bring structure to the bad boys life. And when the time was right, she spoke from her heart,words that would promise him her life. She said, “I’d rather choose this love than the simplicity of a life with daddy-type guy and I pray you’ll always prefer this sacred heart so much more over the wild things that you’ll be offered in this life. Choose me and I vow to choose you every time. Bottom line I love you to my core, and this love is growing into my pride and I keep it on my hip cause you’ve been my ride or die, from the time I was nervous to the time you said, ‘Will you be my wife”, and I just love to hear to say, “You’re the love of my life.” So her heart spoke aloud as he took it all inside and the two made a promise that ‘what was thought to be a never ever, would last until the end of all time’.


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